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Based on Nagios

This section of the Nagios-Wiki should be used to collect information about Nagios-based monitoring systems. Examples are GroundWork Monitor, OpsView, Centreon. In the end every package that integrates Nagios as a monitoring engine with additional software.

GroundWork Monitor

GroundWork Monitor (GWM) integrates a number of well-known Open Source products (Nagios, MySQL, RRDtool, Nmap, etc) into a monitoring system. It provides out-of-the-box a nice web interface, a usable configuration tool (Monarch) and RRDtool-based trend graphing. GroundWork Monitor comes as a free Community Edition (CE) and the non-free editions Professional and Enterprise.

This is the place to collect FAQs, tips and tricks, How-Tos and bug fixes covering GWM. Please put information applying directly to Nagios into the other sections of this Wiki.

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